Cytotec in vagina

Cytotec in vagina

cytotec in vagina

First trimester miscarriages are common. When the failed pregnancy does not pass spontaneously on its own, it is called a missed abortion. I'm 29 y.o. and took Cytotec to soften my cervix prior to IUD insertion. I took it This medication was not taken orally but rather inserted directly into the vagina. OBJECTIVE: To compare the efficacy of vaginal with oral misoprostol in termination of second-trimester pregnancy after pretreatment with mifepristone. cytotec in vagina There was no difference in the incidence and intensity of pain between treatment groups. National Library of Https:// U. Misoprostol can be administered orally, vaginally and buccally. Search for terms x. Article activity alert. A case report. Assessment of medication side effects including: nausea, vomiting, headache, fever over We conclude that the addition of water onto misoprostol tablets does not improve its efficacy in first trimester medical abortion. It is normal to see the passage of blood clots and tissue. Medical abortion had been available in Europe since The incidence of side-effects, duration of vaginal bleeding, dosage of analgesic requirement and infection rate between the two groups were vagkna compared. Because many women still do not have access to contraceptives, Women on Web can also offer them. Issue Section:. Nolvadex brand has been studied for early pregnancy loss. We have shown that it is a safe and effective cervical priming agent prior to vacuum aspirations in first trimester abortion Ngai et al. You can say that you had a spontaneous miscarriage. Secondary outcomes included pain, rate of complete abortion, number of misoprostol doses, side effects, vagima complications, and change in hemoglobin. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Email alerts New issue alert. Accessed November read more, Strengths included randomized design and use of the most common misoprostol-dosing regimen, permitting comparability of this study with others. They were assessed by one of the investigators at the end of the 4 h period. Results First Posted : August 15, The outcome of treatment was classified as: i complete abortion; ii incomplete abortion; iii missed abortion; and iv live pregnancy.

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